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ESRI ArcGIS Server and the 52°North Private Cloud

February 14th, 2011 @ 14:45 by Bastian Schäffer,
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A couple of month ago, ESRI Inc. introduced its Amazon Arc GIS Server AMI. It is a convenient way to use ArcGIS Server in a Public Cloud Environment. However, Public Clouds such as Amazon Web Services have some drawbacks in terms of trust or responsibilities for lost data. In some settings it might be impossible to migrate to AWS due to these issues. Another aspect is the costs that are associated with AWS.

With 0.48$ per hour for one large windows instance (ca. 357$/full month) a significant amount of money can be accumulated for a system running 24/7 over a larger period of time.

Private Clouds address these issues. On the one hand, no data is given away to a third party and the owner of such a Private Cloud has still full control over the data. On the other hand, there are no direct costs associated with a Private Cloud (there are of course indirect costs, such as maintenance, utilities, hardware and software license costs etc.).

An ESRI ArcGIS Server AMI can unfortunately not being used in Private Clouds. This was the starting point for us to explore methods to fill this gap. We used our Private Cloud based on the Eucalyptus Framework with our own Cloud Management Software and deployed an ArcGIS Server in it (after several technical pitfalls) . It is now possible to route incoming traffic to different ArcGIS Server instance and scale the number of ArcGIS Server instance based on the amount of incoming requests. Next steps are to try different setups with split SOM and SOC and enhancing our scaling and load balancing mechanisms.

New Version of ArcGIS SOS Adapter

February 10th, 2011 @ 16:18 by Henning Bredel
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In March a Space-and-Time Workshop will take place at the EDC Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi). Sensor observation data is heavily space and time-related, and the integration of such data in existing tools will cover one part of the discussions for sure.

However, as the IfGI already updated ArcGIS, it was the perfect opportunity to update the adapter to support ArcGIS 10. This also included some (minor) bugfixes, but also to use the current ArcHydro tools (v2.0.1.14) as well. Please use and test the new version of the SOS Adapter, so that I can fix bugs as early as possible.

UPDATE: During the tests with the 52°North demo SOS which has several procedures covered in one offering, it became apparant  that only one procedure was listed within the timeseries info table. I fixed this bug but did not want to make another version, so be sure have downloaded the latest version by comparing the creation date of the zip.