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52°North SOS and WPS @ OSGeo Live DVD 4.5

March 29th, 2011 @ 14:13 by Eike Juerrens
Posted in 52°North, Geoprocessing, Sensor Web

OSGeo Live DVD 4.5 Cover ArtworkI am happy to announce, that we made it with two of our projects on the latest version of the OSGeo Live DVD.
With this version, you can try running instances of the following 52°North service implementations:

  • 52°North SOS version 3.1.1
    Just go to GeospatialWeb ServicesStart 52°North SOS to start testing. Firefox will open with three tabs:

    • a client to test the SOS
    • a quickstart page to get things started
    • a documentation page about the 52°North SOS implementation
  • 52°North WPS version 2.0 RC6
    Just go to GeospatialWeb ServicesStart 52°North WPS to start testing:

    • A simple client to test the WPS
    • A quickstart page to get things started
    • A documentation page about the 52deg;North WPS implementation

Thanks to Kristof and Bastian from the Geoprocessing Community, and Simon from the Sensor Web Community for supporting me.

Just give it a try and test a lot of geospatial applications without the need to install any them. The OSGeo Live DVD contains software for the following categories, and it is all FOSS:

Online demo resources are available on the demo servers of the communities:

I hope that you enjoy testing our SOS and WPS.

Feel free to comment!

52°North @ LSF Firmenlauf

March 16th, 2011 @ 11:07 by Ann Hitchcock
Posted in 52°North

It was a beautiful day for the 10th Active Sportshop Firmenlauf – perfect weather for the 5 km race! Due to several travellers, who did not make it back to Münster on time and several runners who unfortunately got sick, only two of the four 52°North teams were able to participate. We had some great results! Team 3 came in eleventh overall and Team 2 finished with an honorable 120th place (see results below)! Congrats (particularly to our first-timer)!!!

See you all again next year 😉

Team 52°North GmbH 3 with total time of 1:04:09 finished at place 11:

Name Time Place Place AK AK
Jan S. 19:01 11 4 M30
Daniel 19:21 14 4 MHK
Benjamin 25:47 337 90 MHK5


Team 52°North GmbH 2 with total time of 1:29:52 finished at place 120:

Name Time Place Place AK AK
Eike Hinderk 25:14 310 41 M30
Albert 32:03 566 98 M40
Simon 32:35 572 74 M30


March 9th, 2011 @ 16:42 by Bastian Schäffer,
Posted in 52°North, Communities, Geoprocessing

After successful participation in previous testbeds, 52North participates in the OGC OWS-8 Testbed, as well. A Web Processing Service (WPS) tailored for Earth Observation (EO) needs is going to be developed. The 52North WPS builds the basis for the EO related adjustments. Expected outcomes are different EO algorithms and WPS-EO profiles. Best practices for transferring and processing large EO datasets will be also created and will be used to improve the underlying 52North WPS framework. A particular focus is put on combining NASA and ESA EO datasets in an on-demand processing fashion. A WCPS extension to the 52North WPS will be also implemented.

The Kickoff is currently held, the agenda packed and we are looking for fruitful outcomes.

Survey Article on Current State of Sensor Web Enablement (SWE 2.0)

March 2nd, 2011 @ 11:19 by Arne Bröring
Posted in Sensor Web

I’m happy to announce that a comprehensive review article on the current design of the Sensor Web Enablement specification framework (‘SWE 2.0’) and on Sensor Web research in general has just been published by the journal ‘sensors’!

The article describes much of the work that has been developed within OGC’s SWE group in the past years and can now be seen under the umbrella of a ‘New Generation SWE’ (or SWE 2.0).

In a nutshell, the article comprises:

  • a description of related work on Sensor Web research (e.g. a comparision of the Sensor Web to the ‘Web of Things‘)
  • a detailed analysis of the changes which have been made to evolve SWE 1.0 to SWE 2.0
  • a list of past/on-going projects utilizing SWE
  • a description of a case study of a SWE infrastructure for a hydrological sensor network (see image below)
  • challenges as well as future work on SWE, such as research on the Human Sensor Web, the Semantic Sensor Web, or Linked Sensor Data

You can download this open access article here:

SWE Architecture

52°North @ Agile 2011

March 1st, 2011 @ 17:36 by Bastian Schäffer,
Posted in Communities

52°North partners actively participate at the upcoming AGILE 2011 with the following activities.


  1. Workshop on Testbed Research: Testing Geospatial Web Services / Persistent Testbed (PTB) at AGILE 2011.
  2. Integrating Sensor Web and Web-based Geoprocessing.
  3. GI Research Instruction mixing open source and proprietary tools.


  1. RESTful Web Processing Service
  2. The SID Creator: A Visual Approach for Integrating Sensors with the Sensor Web.
  3. Connecting R to the Sensor Web.
  4. Qualitative Spatio-temporal Reasoning from Mobile Sensor Data using Qualitative Trigonometry.
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