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New 52°North SOS 4.0.0 Beta1 released

December 21st, 2012 @ 14:33 by Carsten Hollmann
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The Sensor Web community has published a beta release of the 52°North reference implementation of the OGC SOS 2.0 standard, the new 52°North SOS 4.0.0. It is a completely new implementation of the 52°North SOS with some improvements compared to the 3.5 SOS development line.

Some of the improvments are:

  • New and more efficient database model (not combatible with the previous SOS version)
  • Core support to Hibernate framework for database handling
  • Simpler installation and configuration via a GUI
  • Administration GUI (clear database, add and remove test data)
  • Mechanism to add new Encodings easily without changing the core sources
  • New test client

There are further improvments planned which will be integrated in the next releases.

The implementation of the 52°North SOS has been performed in the context of the OWS-9 CITE compliancy testing, and the European projects EO2HEAVEN and GEOWOW. It has been developed in parallel to the CTL (compliance test language) scripts of the SOS 2.0 conformance classes used by the OGC TEAM (Test, Evaluation, And Measurement) engine.
A downloadable zip archive of the release is available in the download area of the 52°North homepage. This zip archive contains the sources as well as the binaries. The requirements for the release and some information how to install and configure the 52°North SOS 4.0.0 Beta1 are documented in the 52°North wiki.

On our demonstation web server you can find an instance of the 52°North SOS 4.0.0 Beta1 release.


The new test client provides some example requests which can be selected and executed.

Greenland for Visualisation of Geospatial Data

November 26th, 2012 @ 11:18 by Daniel Nuest
Posted in Geostatistics

The Geostatistics community is proud to present its newest software project: Greenland. Greenland is a client-side tool to render quality-aware geospatial data. It is implemented as a JavaScript web application using OpenLayers and ExtJS, leveraging HTML5 features, such as the canvas element. It is based on work originally started within the UncertWeb project – “the visualization client” – and is now also developed further within the GeoViQua project. Therefore we decided to join efforts, move the code up in the repository to the main level, and give the software a new name (and without acronyms this time!).

Whitening in Greenland

Some of the features of Greenland: (more…)

SWE for Smart Cities

November 21st, 2012 @ 09:51 by Daniel Nuest
Posted in Communities, Geoprocessing, Sensor Web

Last week, Jordi Guimet  from IDEC, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, invited 52°North team members Simon Jirka and Daniel Nüst to hold a workshop on OGC Sensor Web Enablement Initiative (SWE) Technologies in the context of the Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona. The event took place in a stunning tower meeting room of the Catalan Institute of Cartography.

For two days, the researchers and developers from Münster introduced a lively group of management personnel and developers from both public administration and private companies to the core concepts, standards and applications of SWE. The first day began with basics about OGC Sensor Observation Services and important standards for sensor descriptions and observation data. The group quickly applied the contents in hands-on work with the 52°North SOS implementation. The 52Ners pushed through a packed program, presenting the wide variety of SOS client applications and moving on to more specifications and software projects: Sensor Planning Service (SPS) and Sensor Event Service (SES) standard, as well as, Sensor Discovery with the Sensor Instance Registry (SIR). Observant questions from the attendees followed these presentations and practical exercises.

On the second day, (more…)

Mentor Summit 2012

November 16th, 2012 @ 16:10 by Daniel Nuest
Posted in GSoC

Arguably a bit overdue, but here is the report for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2013. Enjoy!

This year 52°North was a first time participant as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code. After successful completion of all of our four projects, we were very glad to be invited to the Mentor Summit at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. 52°North was represented by our organization administrator Daniel Nüst, who organized the application and supported all mentors and students throughout the duration of the program and participated in the two day “unconference”.

Mentors from all over the world came together to visit Google’s Headquarters. This included a trip to the famous Android figures, visits to the company canteen and coffee kitchen (yes, plenty and good!), and a few glimpses into the day of a Googler: going to the Googleplex in a white bus with fast Wi-Fi, a nice atmosphere on a modern campus, checking out the Google Store during lunch break, and peeks into individually decorated cubicles.

In addition to the surroundings, (more…)

Innovation Prize – final countdown

November 12th, 2012 @ 08:38 by Ann Hitchcock
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There are four days left to submit a proposal for the 52°North Student Innovation Prize! Please send your proposals to Ann Hitchcock

The prize awards an innovation which best demonstrates/describes the practical application of new technology/ideas in the field of Geoinformatics.

Check the call for proposals for more details.

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