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Business as usual

March 25th, 2013 @ 10:10 by Martin Schouwenburg
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Last week I wrote about the new version of Ilwis that is in the making. It is still a long way off but its contours are beginning to take shape. The questions is though, why are we (52n) doing this? What is the rationale behind it? I mean, we have a working version of Ilwis. It may have its quirks and limitations but I have the feeling that what it is trying to, it does that well enough. So why?

52°North Sensor Event Service 1.1.0 released

March 21st, 2013 @ 12:05 by Matthes Rieke
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The Sensor Web community has released version 1.1.0 of the 52°North SES. This release introduces additional functionality and fixes several known problems.

New features include:

  • Implemented Stored Filters for easy reusability of subscriptions (see Capabilities and WSDLs)
  • Switched default Consumer Notification to usage of Apache HttpComponents HttpClient 4.x (embedded in OXF, including connection pooling)
  • New mechanism to define the used Notification Parsers in the configuration file. This enables support for external parsers (implemented against the API)
  • externalized SES/EML XML bindings (to OXF)
  • migrated from Apache Muse to 52North amused (fork of Muse)
  • Improved WSDL descriptions, now allows fully access to all operations through the WSDL definitions
  • (Meta Feature) introduced Integration Testing to provide an improved stable service

The binary release including the complete sources can be obtained through our downloads page. A detailed changelog including a list of bugfixes is provided.

The Parcel on the Web Challenge

March 20th, 2013 @ 14:20 by Arne Bröring
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Have you ever ordered some nice piece of technology or other expensive things online and couldn’t wait until it reaches you? have you been curious where the ordered parcel currently is? and once it reaches you, did you want to know what happened on it’s way to you? was the parcel exposed to temperature changes, unhealthy for the contained goods? has it even been fallen down?

Those kind of questions were the motivation behind a recent project we conducted together with con terra, Cassini, and (most importantly) a bunch of dedicated students from the Institute for Geoinformatics. Answering such questions in a larger scale could help in future e.g. insurance companies to better assess the current risk in insured goods travelling around the world. Thus, we have collaborated with the Provinzial insurance company in this project, who gave us valuable comments, requirements, and feedback.

The project challenged two groups of students to create a system that allows the live and Web-based monitoring of parcels. Therefore, a sensor platform that is able to accompany a parcel, as well as software components for the device and the server backend needed to be developed.

The outcomes of this project have been exciting and very successful. Both groups created Web portals that allow a live monitoring of parcels based on the data measured and uploaded by the mobile sensor platform units.

The following (really entertaining) videos demonstrate the capabilities of the two developed approaches:

The developed devices are capable of monitoring parameters such as temperature and humidity within the parcel through sensor probes located outside of the device. Further, the devices are able to detect acceleration and light events, indicating whether the parcel has been exposed to an impact, or whether it has been opened during its travel. Importantly, the devices are also able to measure their current position. While GPS reception can be expected to be very weak within a parcel service wagon, GSM-based positioning is also available within such closed rooms. Hence, the sensing devices utilize received tower IDs from the GSM network, to localize the parcel based on GSM cell granularity.

The Web platforms of the two solutions have applied the Web of Things paradigm, i.e., a) the measured parameters of the tracking devices are consumable through a REST interface, and b) each parcel has its own Web representation and capabilities. Thus, a parcel-thing becomes a first-class citizen on the Web, which facilitates their integration with existing applications and infrastructures as well as the linking between multiple parcels.

Another benefit of the two approaches is that they are both low-cost. Both prototypes cost around 150 € – 180 €, a value that can even be significantly reduced in case of a larger scale manufacturing process. In the future, we are planning to integrate this work with existing GIS software tools to advance analysis functionality of the system.

52°North @ Firmenlauf 2013

March 19th, 2013 @ 11:54 by Ann Hitchcock
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Once again it was cold and gray as two 52°North teams hit the race track on Saturday for the 12th TUJA Firmenlauf ! Both teams were happy with their great results for 5 kms. Team 1 ranked 14th in the men’s division and Team 2 came in 6th in the women’s! Congrats!!!

Team 52°North GmbH 1 with total time of 01:05:41

Name Time Place Place AK AK
Daniel 20:41 42 11 MHK
JanSch 21:13 60 10 M30
Axel 23:47 169 27 M30

Team 52°North GmbH 2 with total time of 01:17:53

Name Time Place Place AK AK
Ann 24:32 12 1 W45
Elina 25:09 21 7 W45
Conny 28:12 73 7 W35

Firmenlauf 2013
Many thanks to Axel and Elina!

52°North @ Schloß Eringerfeld

March 18th, 2013 @ 10:40 by Ann Hitchcock
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Last month, 52°North staff visited the Schloß Eringerfeld for our yearly retreat. We wracked our brains from thursday through saturday, targeting 52°North road maps and aligning common goals and strategies for 2013. We braved the cold and snow to discover hidden archery talents and topped off the event with a medieval banquet in the castle dungeon! All in all it was a very informative, productive and constructive event.

52N Days 2013 52N Days stairwell

52-Days2013-21Rahmen Rittermahl 2013 52-Days2013-34Rahmen rittermahl_2000

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