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Seismic Observations in SOS, Midterm Report

July 31st, 2013 @ 10:27 by PatrickNoble
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This is the midterm update for my GSOC project to integrate seismic data support in SOS. My progress was relatively slow at the start due to a learning curve related to the SOS code base. I have made a lot of progress recently. My main goal for the midterm milestone was to have the SOS set up as a proxy data source querier that could take requests from the server and return seismic data, in time series and/or event format. I wanted to be able to create my own instance of SOS where it was possible to use operations such as GetCapabilities, DescribeSensor, and GetObservation to pull data and simulate what a user might ask for in the SWE client. For details on this architecture, please refer to the SOS Wikipedia page. (more…)

52° North WPS Configuration Management Reloaded

July 30th, 2013 @ 08:23 by KhalidAlqinyah
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It has been almost five weeks since work started on the 52° North Web Processing Service (WPS) web admin project. So far, the work has focused entirely on the back-end where we aim to create a new and more robust configuration manager. The project currently uses an XML approach in which configurations are stored in an XML file, loaded and read manually, module by module and property by property. The WPS has three main types of configuration modules: Processes, Generators, and Parsers. To load the generators, for example, you first have to parse the XML file, then get the generators list and then read properties and formats one by one. Furthermore, the forms must be created manually in the interface for each module in order to create a configuration module. (more…)

52°North Goes GitHub

July 29th, 2013 @ 10:40 by Matthes Rieke
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In the early 52°North days, we managed our source code on a public open source platform: SourceForge. We started with CVS (classic!), switched to SVN (wow, I can delete folders!) and after a while we decided to host all 52°North related source code in our own IT environment. However, keeping an eye on what was going in the VCS world, we felt that this approach was outdated and started to look into Git and GitHub. This initiative was mainly driven by 52°North staff developers’ curiosity and the promise of a better development work flow. We found GitHub provided very easy collaboration, communication and outreach dedicated to source code and very much in line with the 52°North philosophy. After a few test runs, we started to migrate the first of our active software projects to GitHub.