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Sensor Web Workshop – a successful exchange of ideas

November 26th, 2013 @ 12:01 by Ann Hitchcock
Posted in Sensor Web

Last week, Sensor Web enthusiasts met in Münster for a successful 2 day Sensor Web Workshop. Participants shared their versitile implementations of various 52°North’s components, such as SOS and Sensor Web Client. 52°North developers were impressed by the depth of knowhow and creativity! It’s great to see that the use of SWE has spread to a wide spectrum of domains: environmental modeling, air quality, water quality, oceans… In addition to an overall positive feedback concerning the software, the participants discussed their constraints, requirements and needs. Intense discussions focused on keywords such as Sensor Web Client REST API, new lightweight JavaScript client developments, interoperability, INSPIRE conformity, security, data quality, and raster data. Community Lead Simon Jirka now has the job of consolidating the results and tweaking the roadmap!

Stay tuned!

Sensor Web Workshop 2013

Constructive discussions about user requirements @ the Sensor Web Workshop

GSoC Mentor Summit 2013

November 6th, 2013 @ 09:53 by Jan Schulte
Posted in GSoC

52°North successfully completed its second participation in the Google Summer of Code. We are happy to announce that all four students did a really great job in their projects. Thanks to all participants – students and mentors alike! If you have been following the blogs over the course the summer/fall, you will have read about the particular projects previously. (more…)