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Sensor Data Access for Rasdaman

May 31st, 2014 @ 09:42 by Simona Andreea Badoiu
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Project Description

Currently, the new 52°North SOS version 4.x supports data storage for many different Database Management Systems based on Hibernate, such as Postgres/PostGIS, Oracle/Oracle Spatial, or Microsoft SQL.

This project aims to connect Rasdaman as an alternative data storage backend to the 52°North SOS and explore storing array observations in the SOS. We currently explore the integration process and consider several alternatives:

  • create the internal data source representation of the SOS by implementing the 52°North SOS Rasdaman “data access objects”,
  • create Rasdaman-Hibernate mappings for 52°North SOS, e.g. by implementing a generic Rasdaman JDBC driver.


enviroCar UX Design

May 30th, 2014 @ 09:08 by RahulRaja
Posted in 52°North, GSoC, Sensor Web

My project deals with the enviroCar Android application. The application connects with your car through an OBD bluetooth adapter and measures CO2 emission, fuel consumption, engine load and several other parameters. The parameters, such as CO2 emission and speed, are plotted in a chart against all the users who also use the enviroCar application. This helps to decide how ‘sustainable’ a driver you are (as shown in the image below). The data collected for a city can be used for showing CO2 hot spots in that city.

The image shows the comparison of speed and CO2 emission between a user ( rsh1103 ) and the rest of the users.

The image shows the comparison of speed and CO2 emission between a single user and the rest of the users.


ILWIS mobile app

May 28th, 2014 @ 08:41 by BoukePieterOttow
Posted in 52°North, GSoC, ILWIS

I would like to introduce the project “Using the ILWIS framework for geo-data capture with a mobile application”. This is one of the Google Summer of Code projects hosted by 52°North.

The project is mentored by ITC since they are the developers of ILWIS-Objects. ILWIS-Objects is the next generation ILWIS, which is a GIS environment. The idea behind it is that it won’t be ‘just’ a desktop GIS application, but a framework for many different scenarios, applications and platforms.


Access Control UI For SOS Servers

May 27th, 2014 @ 08:02 by Dushyant Sabharwal
Posted in 52°North, GSoC, Sensor Web

Project Description

Currently the OGC SOS allows the use of Sensor data through an inter operable interface through which a user can perform tasks, such as

1. Getting the sensor observations;
2. Getting the capabilities of the sensor;
3. Inserting, deleting and reading the observations of the sensor etc.

There is no graphical permission editor through which we can control which user role can access which parameters. Through the interface the admin should be able to grant and revoke rights for different parameters to the roles already defined. An example use case of access control would be that users assigned the role “guest” should only be able to get the capabilities of the sensor and not insert/delete observations.