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Sensor Data Access for Rasdaman – Mid Term Blog Post

June 26th, 2014 @ 11:45 by Simona Andreea Badoiu
Posted in GSoC, Sensor Web

The first goal for the Sensor Data Access for Rasdaman project was to implement a JDBC driver for Rasdaman and to create a Hibernate dialect, which uses the JDBC driver to connect Rasdaman as a data storage backend to the 52°North Sensor Observation Service (SOS). This was the solution we came up with for the first part and we think this was a good choice, because now, at the mid term evaluation, we have a JDBC driver and a Hibernate dialect – both of which support multidimensional array queries.

Even though I will summarize the project’s status, you can find a more detailed description about the project’s evolution on the Sensor Data Access for Rasdaman wiki page.


Access Control UI For SOS Servers – Mid Term Blog Post

June 21st, 2014 @ 18:12 by Dushyant Sabharwal
Posted in GSoC, Security & GeoRM, Sensor Web

The project’s aim is to define rules to restrict access to SOS contents on the operation and parameter level. An introduction to the project can be found in the previous blog post. This goal is achieved with a nice graphical user interface to enable the admin user to manage permissions for a particular enforcement point, which is the connection point for the client instead of the original SOS endpoint. (more…)

Food for thought – 52°North supports Hackathon at ifgi

June 18th, 2014 @ 10:28 by Daniel Nuest
Posted in 52°North

The Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) in Münster celebrated its 20th birthday last week – congratulations!

Several events accompanied the celebrations. First, members of the 52°North company and network had the chance to attend a high quality scientific symposium with guests from all over the world. Participants listened to inspiring talks by leaders in the scientific domain of geoinformatics, several of them former members of ifgi. On the second day, invited guests took part in a “think tank on Geoinformatics” and the summer school for graduate students opened its doors with the topic “Gamifying Spatial Collaboration”. Students from all over the world discussed and learned about location-based gaming and spatial collaboration during the six days. Invited lectureres Barbara Grüter ( and Peter Kiefer ( spoke on these topics and ifgi PhD students and Post-docs supported their endeavors.

ifgi 20th anniversary - think tank and summer school participants

ifgi 20th anniversary – think tank and summer school participants

One of the highlights of the summer school was a “hackathon” on Sunday. In the morning, the participants pitched several ideas: a mobile game for measuring emotional state in buildings, a “bet matching” app for spontaneous challenges while on the go, and a mobile game that can be played while driving. The students went for the last option and developed a concept for a location-based in-car game that is not only fun to play and makes your commute more interesting, but encourages players to provide their data to the enviroCar platform. Although the hackathon ended up being a “thinkathon”, the task of designing a completely new game with some bounding conditions was a great experience for the participants. 52°North GmbH supported the hackathon with drinks, sandwiches and snacks, providing energy to fuel the creative ideas that we’ll hopefully hear more about soon.