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SPARQL Endpoint and Interoperability of enviroCar Data

May 28th, 2015 @ 08:42 by Deepak Nair
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Linked Open Data (LOD) is a set of best practices for publishing raw data on the Web. It makes your data highly structured and very easy to incorporate with the other datasets.

The enviroCar platform has a large and varied amount of data describing different entities and can currently be served as Linked Open Data with a detailed API reference here. There are many entities involved, such as cars, people, speed, dates and so on. If these entities are served as Linked Open Data, they can be very easily connected to datasets which describe them, such as DBpedia.

The following image illustrates the Linked Open Cloud which shows all the current links between different LOD.





This summer, as a student of Google summer code 2015 with 52°North, I will be building an endpoint for SPARQL, which is the language used to run queries on Linked Open Data for the enviroCar Platform. By the end of the summer, the enviroCar platform shall have it’s own endpoint making the enviroCar Linked Data very accessible through a standardized query language.

The figure below shows an overview of the process of how the data will be stored in a triple store and queried using the SPARQL language .





I will be looking to connect to other linkable datasets and will try to make the data more connected and interoperable. This will make studies and analysis which try to make sense of the data much more easier.

You can follow my progress on my Github repo and follow my weekly reports on this Wiki page throughout the summer.


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I am Deepak Nair a final year computer science graduate from DSCE Bangalore, India. I like working on cutting edge software and am overjoyed I am part of an open organization trying to help society. My hope is that all our efforts as technologists can impact maximum people around the world.


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