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OSGeo-Live 9.0 with SOS 4.3.0 and WPS 3.3.1

September 17th, 2015 @ 07:44 by Ann Hitchcock
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OSGeo-Live 9.0 has been released! It now provides 64 bit architecture support, has moved to Git and has been moving projects to .deb packaging. For this release, geospatial applications have been updated to their latest stable releases. 52°North’s latest SOS version is now available on OSGeo-Live.

The 52°North SOS 4.3.0 facilitates European air quality data reporting and exchange. New features include:

  • Time series visualization with the 52°North JavaScript SOS Client
  • Easy access to timeseries information from all SOS instances with the 52°North Sensor Web Client API
  • Support for Air Quality Data e-Reporting flows throughout Europe
  • INSPIRE Download Service implementation
  • EXI binding
  • SensorML 2.0 support
  • Microsoft SQL server support

OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB flash drive and Virtual Machine based upon Ubuntu Linux (version 12.04 LTS). OSGeo-Live is pre-configured with a wide variety of robust open source geospatial software. All applications can be trialled without installing anything on your computer, simply by booting the computer from a DVD or USB drive, or running in a Virtual Machine environment. Each featured package is accompanied by both a publication quality one page descriptive summary and a short tutorial on how to get started using it.

With this version, you can run instances of the following 52°North service implementations:

  • 52°North SOS version 4.3.0 Just go to GeospatialWeb ServicesStart 52°North SOS to start testing. Firefox will open with three tabs:
    • a client to test the SOS
    • a quick start page to get things started
    • a documentation page about the 52°North SOS implementation
  • 52°North WPS version 3.3.1 Just go to GeospatialWeb ServicesStart 52°North WPS to start testing:
    • a simple client to test the WPS
    • a quick start page to get things started
    • a documentation page about the 52°North WPS implementation

Just give it a try and test a lot of geospatial applications without installing any of them. The OSGeo Live DVD contains software for the following categories, and it is all FOSS:


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