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exploring bowling horizons

January 7th, 2016 @ 12:57 by Ann Hitchcock
Posted in 52°North

strike52°North headed out to the bowling alley to explore the ins and outs of bowling: strikes, spares, splits, doubles, hooks, gutter-balls, and the occasional choke. Henning managed a turkey in spite of the bench work! And Group B earned an extra game for first scoring 10 strikes!

Group A

Name Average score
(2 games)
Top game score
JS 97 106
CA 94,5 110
DN 94,5 96
AH 92 105
CM 91 113
CH 91 94
CS 89,5 93
MR 86,5 91

Winner 1st game: Ann
Winner 2nd game: Conny


Group B

Name Average score
(2 games)
Top game score
NW 128,5 157
HB 122,5 150
AdW 115 124
EHJ 86 89
BP 83,5 94
SJ 72 72
Caeser 44 53

Winner 1st game: Niels
Winner 2nd game: Arne


Fun was had by all!!!

bowling1_300 bowling2_300 ah_ch_300


SONY DSC ehj_bh_js_300

ch_cm_300 dn_cs_mr_300

dn_300 cs_2_300 mr_300

ehj_300 aw_300 hb_300

cm3_300 ch_300

sj_2_300 ar_300 cs_300

simon_3_300 cm_1_300 simon
jw_300  ah_cm2_300 mr_adw_300

pool1_300 ehj2_300




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