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Welcome Google Summer of Code 2016 Students!

April 26th, 2016 @ 08:47 by Ann Hitchcock
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2016 Google Summer of Code

52°North is pleased to welcome the following students to work closely with us this summer on 3 Google Summer of Code projects!

  1. “Terrain Model Generation and Analysis” – Adhitya Kamakshidasan (India)
  2. “Usability improvements for smle” – Aleksandr Shevchenko (Russia)
  3. “Visual Analytics of enviroCar Tracks” – Naveen Jafer (India)

The community bonding period has just begun. During this time, students get to know their mentors, read documentation and get up to speed to begin work on their projects. Coding will start May 23, 2016. We really look forward to working with them on these exciting projects! Expect a few blog posts by every student and find out more about the projects in the wiki (to come).

The Google Summer of Code program received a total of 7,543 proposals from 5,107 students for 178 mentoring organizations and 1,206 students were accepted (source). The 52°North Team is happy to have gotten 3 slots and have matched them with promising students and capable mentors to work on challenging projects in the enviroCar Project, and Sensor Web and 3D communities.

We look forward to getting to know each other in the next month!



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