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Contextual Button – Measuring User Interactions with a Contextual One-Button-Interface

October 25th, 2017 @ 11:27 by Jan van Zadelhoff
Posted in 52°North, Innovation Challenge, Sensor Web

This year’s 52° North Student Innovation Challenge focused on connecting the Internet of Things with Sensor Web technologies. My entry into the challenge was inspired by the Amazon Dash button, a small internet enabled device that allows Amazon customers to order refills for their consumable goods (e.g. razor blades, detergent, etc.). When it is pressed, it connects to Amazon and places an order for the respective item.
What fascinates me is the idea of replacing the process of deliberately going online with a physical action that is directly integrated in the user’s current context. For example, when the user has just used the last of their detergent, they can directly press the button attached to the washing machine to order a refill. The whole interaction takes place in the context of washing clothes. (more…)