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Access Control UI For SOS Servers

May 27th, 2014 @ 08:02 by Dushyant Sabharwal
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Project Description

Currently the OGC SOS allows the use of Sensor data through an inter operable interface through which a user can perform tasks, such as

1. Getting the sensor observations;
2. Getting the capabilities of the sensor;
3. Inserting, deleting and reading the observations of the sensor etc.

There is no graphical permission editor through which we can control which user role can access which parameters. Through the interface the admin should be able to grant and revoke rights for different parameters to the roles already defined. An example use case of access control would be that users assigned the role “guest” should only be able to get the capabilities of the sensor and not insert/delete observations.

The access control mechanism should be easily integrated with any SWE Client which can read permissions from a file to grant access to use the capabilities of the client. The figure given below highlights the broader picture of the project.

I  currently finished working on some changes on the protector webapp, built by Henning Bredel, in lieu of understanding the concept of access control. As of now the project waits for the different user stories required.

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I’m a graduate student in Computer Science, now pursuing my masters in GeoInformatics from IIT Bombay, India. Follow me on Github to keep track of my development activity.


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