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WPS-Ilwis Bridge

May 27th, 2015 @ 08:45 by Aron Karolyi
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I would like to introduce the “WPS-Ilwis Bridge” Google Summer of Code 2015 project, hosted by 52°North.
The 52°North WPS currently supports different backends, like R or GRASS. The goal of this project is to extend its functionality by adding Ilwis Objects as a processing backend.

This extension will enable users to carry out ILWIS commands on a remote server via a WPS interface without having to install ILWIS.

The project shall allow WPS users to:

  • Run ILWIS’ several hundred vector and raster operations. Some examples for ILWIS’ capability are: resampling, mosaicing, interpolation, distance calculation, raster image calculation, statistics and histogram, intersect, union, buffer operations.
  • Easily add new commands.
  • Get information about failures.
  • Test if the backend is well-configured.

My task is to create this connector shown in the figure.

About Me
My name is Áron Károlyi. I am a 2nd year student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary – studying Computer Engineering.
You can follow my progress on GitHub, and the weekly reports on the WPS-Ilwis Bridge wiki page.


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