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OGC agrees on approving SOS 2.0 as a new standard!

March 28th, 2012 @ 10:23 by Arne Bröring
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We, the editorial team of the SOS 2.0 (Christoph Stasch, Johannes Echterhoff, and myself), are very happy to announce that the members of the OGC Technical Committee have finalized their voting on the SOS 2.0 specification, and formally agreed on approving the SOS 2.0 as an OGC standard!
The work on the SOS 2.0 specification started in December 2008, and since then we had many fruitful discussions and received valuable comments. The requirements from SOS users were directly fed into those discussions – hence, we like to thank the users of the 52°North SOS implementation whose comments were considered to improve the specification.
At 52°North, we have already a prototype of the new SOS 2.0 specification in place, as part of the general 52°North SOS implementation. Having the official approval from OGC received, we will now continue to work on the SOS 2.0 implementation.
We will keep you updated on the progress!


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