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52°North JavaScript SOS Client 1.0 – official release

April 13th, 2015 @ 07:56 by Jan Schulte
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We are proud to release the first version of the JavaScript SOS client! This lightweight browser client enables users to display time series and metadata of one or more Sensor Observation Services.

A responsive design supports a broad range of devices from mobile devices to desktop screens. Based on HTML and JavaScript, the client uses the following main libraries and frameworks:

    • JQuery (extended JavaScript functionalities),
    • Bootstrap (design),
    • Leaflet (to select station by a map),
    • Flot (to display the time series).

The client’s key features are:

  • selection of stations with time series by map or list
  • selection of data providers
  • display of time series as chart or in a table
  • export of the time series data as CSV files
  • saving of time series as favorites.



SOS servers and sensor data sources are accessed through the Sensor Web Client Rest-API as seen in the following picture.  The API takes over the following tasks, which require considerable processing power, and enables the client to process and visualize the data faster:

  • requesting and processing of XML-Documents to and from SOS servers,
  • caching of metadata and
  • generalization of time series data.


The client was developed in cooperation with:

A short preview of possible future client enhancements include:

  • eventing and
  • user management/access control.

The 1.0 release is available under the Apache License Version 2.0. Check out the running demo of this version.


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