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52°North SOS 4.3 available

June 22nd, 2015 @ 10:56 by Carsten Hollmann
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The Sensor Web community is pleased to announce the

52°North SOS 4.3 Release!

This version is available as a default package and a bundle. The 52°North SOS default package contains sources and binaries. In order to visualize the data directly via the 52°North SOS, the bundle package additionally contains the Sensor Web Client RESTful API and the Sensor Web JavaScript SOS client.

Release requirements, installation and configuration information are documented in the 52°North wiki.

Core features and improvements

We have implemented the following additional features (NEW) and improvements.

    • Support for Air Quality Data e-Reporting encoding (NEW)
      • extended database model based on the series database model
      • added observation encoding as defined in the AQD XML User Guide 2 v3.1
      • included support for the data flows E1a, E1b and E2a.
      • For more information about Air Quality Data e-Reporting see the AQPortal.
    • Support for flexible identifier (NEW)
      • readable names are now allowed as identifiers: In this case, the value of the “name” column is used as identifier and requires unique names.
      • SOS elements affected:
        • Offering
        • Procedure
        • ObservableProperty
        • FeatureOfInterest
    • Integration of the Sensor Web Client RESTful API and the Sensor Web JavaScript SOS client (NEW). This enables the graphical visualization of time series data from the 52°North web GUI. It is a separate module with which one can build a default SOS package and a bundle package.
      •  Sensor Web Client REST-API
        • provides direct access to the database tables.
        • Version 1.5.0
      • JavaScript SOS Client
        • enables graphical visualization of time series data,
        • is linked by default to the bundle’s Sensor Web Client REST-API.
        • Version 1.0.0
      • Docmentation: SOS wiki page
    • Encode procedure and observableProperty name as xlink:title in OM_Observations if available

For further information about the functionality, improvements and fixed issues, please read the RELEASE-NOTES or visit the SOS GitHub issue page and the 52°North SOS 4.x wiki page.

A short preview of future work

  • Support for netCDF encoding (netCDF-4) with the use of CF (Climate and Forecast) convention
  • Support for OM_ComplexObservation
    • Splits the values of the OM_ComplexObservation into single observation values (insertion)
    • Merges the single observation values to the OM_ComplexObservation (request)
  • Integration of sos.js for SOS 1.0.0 operations.


Many thanks to all 52°North SOS contributors for their enhancements and improvements, and to all users for their feedback!

Special thanks to Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL – CELINE), IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), and Ricardo-AEA for funding the implemenation of the Air Quality Data e-Reporting encoding and flexible identifier.


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