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SOS 4.0.0 RC1 released

October 18th, 2013 @ 10:33 by Carsten Hollmann
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The Sensor Web community has published a new beta release – “RC1″– of 52°North’s implementation of the OGC SOS 2.0 standard. The new SOS 4.0.0 contains improved components and new functionality. Here is an overview of the improvements and new features:

  • Review of the database model [improved]: divided into a Core and a Transactional model
  • JSON binding and encoding [new]:
    • Supports SOS 2.0 requests and responses, SensorML 1.0.1 is encoded as XML
    • O&M 2.0 encoding
    • insertion of example data
  • Simple security solution [new]:
    • IP and token based
    • configurable via the admin GUI
  • SOS 2.0 Spatial Filtering Profile support [new]
  • Support for ‘validTime’ parameter in DescribeSensor requests [new]
  • Test Client [improved]:
    • All examples are now listed
    • Examples can be filtered by service, version, binding, operation
  • Support for Oracle database [new]

The next steps include final testing the SOS and its documentation to get ready for the 52°North SOS 4.0.0 release. We invite all members of the Sensor Web community to test the 52°North SOS 4.0.0 RC1.

If you find a bug or problem, please repot it in the 52°North bugzilla.

The 52°North SOS 4.0.0 RC1 implementation has been performed in the context of the European EO2HEAVEN and GEOWOW projects.

A downloadable zip archive of the new release candidate contains the sources, as well as the binaries. Release requirements, installation and configuration information are documented in the 52°North wiki.


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